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Founded on september 2015, the company Géophy Guyane realise geology and geophysic's analyses.

Electrical geophysics allows to measure underground's resistivity on a linear array composed by pair of current electrodes. This method consist on the electrod's implantation (metal stake) at the surface, spaced on 3 to 16 feets, which are connect with electric cable. Current is injected on the ground, then apparent résistivity is measured on a point as follows a mesh. When all the mesh is measured, an inversion software (RES2DINV) can calculate real resistivity for every point, allowing to get a a vertical geology underground under the linear array. 

Géophy Guyane owns his LUND-SAS4000's system, including the resistivitymeter ABEM terrameter SAS 4000, with his electrode selector ES10-64C and his 64 electrods spaced maximum 16 feets, and the inversion software RES2DINV.


Electrical resistivity tomography’s example made in French Guiana :

Panneau elec 2